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Joe Pinder, Galena, Illinois
LMT Illinois and Iowa licensed massage therapist.
American Massage Therapy Association member and insured.
Capri College massage therapy kinesiology instructor
By appointment only -  e-mail:  jpinder40@hotmail.com
Call, text, message (815) 291-0618 

I provides professional Swedish massage, sports massage, relaxation, prenatal, and deep tissue release massage.  I have an integrative approach to wellness and honor the whole person.  I look forward to serving your massage therapy and bodywork needs.

Your first step to renew you

Relax and renew yourself with a professional massage
By Pinder Massage Therapy
Galena, Illinois

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Deep Tissue Release


Swedish Massage


Deep Tissue "Release" Massage 
A deep tissue massage is understanding the layers of the body and working with the layers to relax, lengthen, and release muscle in the most effective and efficient way possible.   A deep tissue massage is not a hard forceful or painful massage.   A massage should never consist entirely of deep work.  Deep tissue techniques are intended to be used only as needed, maybe several times during a massage.
Full 60 minute massage- $160.00

Swedish Massage  
Experience a head to toe relaxation massage with light to medium pressure that will soothe every muscle in your body while increasing circulation.
Full 60 minute massage- $160.00

Focus Massage


Prenatal Massage


Focus and Sports Massage 
This massage is to focus on a few areas that needs special attention, treating those areas that need it the most to help regain your center of balance.  Giving extra time to specific areas while integrating a full body massage when possible.
Full 60 minutes massage- $160.00 

Prenatal Massage
During and after pregnancy, this therapy targets areas of tension that cause discomfort and water retention. This massage helps with increase circulation and reduces lower back pain.  Special attention is given to specific areas to release muscle tension from temporary imbalance and pressure to back, hips, shoulders and neck regions.
Full 60 minute massage- $160.00 

Family Health


I look forward to serving you and your family with your massage therapy and bodywork needs.


I've had Joe for three massages and he is very flexible and able to tailor each massage to my problem areas.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the muscles and stretches to use between massages.  Joe is very professional.

Lori O

Joe is one of the top three massage therapist I've ever had that includes massage therapist from Japan, China, Europe, and the United States.  He is professional and responsive to every request.   

Georgia O

Pinder Massage Therapy
(815) 291-0618

I am here to meet you and your entire family's holistic healthcare needs.  I provide professional Swedish massage, sports massage, relaxation, deep tissue release massage therapy as well as bodywork and stress relief.  I have an integrative approach to wellness and honor the whole person.  Ilook forward to serving you and your family with your massage therapy and bodywork needs.


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